MunzStat is an Android app for the Munzee player who likes keeping up with the daily score development and activity on his or her profile. The app displays a list of activity (captures, captures on your munzees, and deploys) for today, or any other day.

The app also supports showing clan stats (provided by ClanStats by RUJA). The app can also show the leaderboard for today, or any other day.

Another popular feature is the ability to get instant notifications when your munzees are captured by other players. Enable this in the settings, as it’s disabled by default.

The app even supports adding multiple profiles to monitor, without limit.

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The app also comes with a widget that can be placed on the home screen. The widget displays the daily and total score of your profile as well as stats regarding captures, deploys, and captures-ons. Press the widget to get directly to the detailed list of activity for the current day.

Get it on Google Play

Then check out the User’s guide. If you have any trouble don’t hesitate to contact MunzStat on Facebook. You can scan the following code using the Facebook Messenger app to send an instant message:

MunzStat on Facebook