Why not iOS?

I get a lot of questions like these:

  • Why can’t I find MunzStat in the App Store?
  • When are you making an iOS version of MunzStat?
  • Why are you ignoring iOS users?

MunzStat is an Android only app. That’s how it started and how it will remain. There are several reasons for this but let me just mention the most important ones:

Android rocks!
…and iOS is nice too. But the past 10 years I have worked with Java development professionally and since Android apps are programmed in Java it’s the obvious platform for me to work with.

This is a hobby project
MunzStat is developed in my spare time, by myself as the sole developer, maintainer, supporter, system administrator, social media responsible and so forth. I have put and still put a lot of hours into it because I think it’s great fun.
Making an iOS version would require a lot of extra time that I simply don’t have. It would also make development of new features very slow. In other words, I think it would stop being great fun which would be the worst that could happen.

This is not a business
There is no income from MunzStat. The only money involved is my expenses for hosting the backend needed to run the app. No doubt that there would be quite a lot of people that would download an iOS edition of the app. Someone else is more than welcome to fill that gap but it will be a completely different app in that case.